Between Fethiye and Patara - about six days of hiking - staying was only possible in village houses or in nature.

Exactly in the midst of this section of road there is a lodge in a wonderful location which could be your accomodation, especially for hikers.

The lodge is built on a large estate between the sea and the Mountain Sandak which is 1009 m high. In addition, you can find a nice pool for the summertime and the house is surrounded by a terrace.


Google Earth Coordinates

36° 20‘ 15‘‘ N

29° 12‘ 10‘‘ E

(Impressions of the lodge)

From here, it is easily possible to reach the following places:

  1. -to     Patara Beach  ca. 3  km     25 km of white sanded beach

  2. -to     Pydnai             ca. 4  km     Castle ruin

  3. -to     Letoon             ca.12 km     Temple of the Lyians

  4. -to     Xanthos           ca.18 km     Capital of Lykia

  5. -to     Saklikent          ca. 45 km    Canyon landscape

  6. -to     Kinik                 ca. 18 km    Farmer‘s market

In addition, it is possible to climb the

mountain Sandak only with guide.

Accomodation in the lodge in Gavuragili

                            (Bed & Breakfast)


  1. -rich breakfast

- lunch:                          Salad or soup

  (if desired)

  1. -Dinner:                         three- or four- course menu

  (if desired)                  (vegetarian, if required)

  1. -Beverages:                    exclusive

Prices from 15,00 €/B&B and Person